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We Help Egyptians Make Investment-Based Migration To Canada

Unmatched Expertise:

We are Egypt’s only immigration law firm that focuses solely on Canadian investment migration programs.


We work exclusively with families whose net-worth exceeds CAD $500,000.

Full Service:

Our process is comprehensive. On top of complete preparation of your visa application, our full-service model also includes tours of available businesses and franchises in Canada as well as start-up planning.

Dedicated to Your Success:

We support clients until they receive their Canadian Permanent Residence or Citizenship.

A Canadian investment immigration firm

different from the rest


We began advising Egyptian investment immigrants 7 years ago. Since then, we’ve helped over 50 clients successfully achieve permanent residence in Canada.

We’ve learned from our experiences and built twelve different investment programs, each designed to ensure your successful investment migration.

Our Expert Network

We connect clients with our extensive network of experts and professionals in Canada for advice and guidance. Our network includes consultants, tax planners, banking advisors, commercial real estate agents, and more.

With our help, you’ll have all the Canadian connections required for success prior to moving any funds to Canada.

Licensed and Approved

Vanessa Routley is among the only immigration lawyers in Egypt to be officially licensed and approved by the Government of Canada. Unlicensed competitors operate in the shadows and never write their firm name on official immigration paperwork. Don’t trust unlicensed immigration lawyers: when your application falls apart, they will keep the fees they charged you and disappear.

As a licensed Canadian lawyer, you can trust Vanessa Routley to ensure your investment migration dreams.

Vanessa Routley, J.D.

Investment Migration Lawyer   Attorney Vanessa Routley practices immigration law with a focus on investment migration. Vanessa Routley,J.D. is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada and is authorized by The Government of Canada to represent clients from around the world.  To verify her professional status, click the LSUC logo.

Ms. Routley graduated from Toronto’s Osgoode Hall Law School in 2009. She is a member of the Canada Bar Association immigration section. She participates in continuing education regularly to stay current on immigration laws. Ms. Routley’s practice is based in Cairo, Egypt, in the same complex as the Canadian Embassy.  She has assisted Egyptians migrate to Canada. She has successfully re-obtained permanent residence status for Egyptians who had lost their status.

Ms. Routley regularly contributes commentary and articles in the international media on immigration issues.  Click the underlined text to read one of her recent articles about why immigrant investors are choosing Canada over the USA.

Nevine Omar

Client Relationship Manager Nevine Omar is Vanessa Routley’s administrative assistant and offers extensive guidance to clients during their immigration process.  She specializes in client intake and document management. Prior to working with Vanessa Routley, Nevine graduated from the American University in Cairo with a B.A. in Business Administration and then served as Assistant VP with the Egyptian American Bank. Nevine’s passion for helping people has inspired her to begin a Masters in Counseling Psychology. Nevine is always learning something new and loves to help our clients in any way she can.

Months for British Columbia investment application approval

Days for Manitoba investment first stage approval

Months for Saskatchewan investment application approval


the most popular questions

Q: Do you accept any client who wants to immigrate to Canada?


A: No. We can only offer expert, quality services to a select list of clientele. We only take on cases we expect to win, and we only do investment-based immigration applications. We do not take clients under the Federal Skilled Worker program; we do not accept skilled workers; we do not prepare applications for student visas; and we do not do any refugee or asylum cases.


Q: What do I get when I hire your firm?



  • • All of our clients attend an exploratory trip to Canada, which gives them an opportunity to understand the business environment before committing to invest.
  • • Each client meets face-to-face with the immigration lawyer and receives a detailed, written immigration assessment tailored to them personally.
  • • Once we accept you into our portfolio, we connect you to licensed professionals to prepare your supporting documentation, including valuations for your real estate, preparation for language testing, and all additional application components.
  • • You maintain direct contact with your lawyer until you receive your Permanent Residence status. We can also help you apply for a Canadian passport when you qualify.


Q: How long is the processing time to immigrate as an investor?

A: All programs have different processing times. The average processing time is 3-6 months for the first stage, “Nomination”, plus 3-6 months for the second stage, “Permanent Residence Approval To Travel”. We have had applications fully completed in 8 months or less, but we have seen complex cases take as long as 2 years for completion.

Q: How do I know you are licensed to do this kind of work?


A: Check our status on the Law Society of Upper Canada database, and verify our credentials. You may call our licensing body at +1- 416-947-3315.


Q: Is my nomination guaranteed?

A: The final decision on your application is made by an immigration officer. If you provide us with accurate information and follow our advice, we will prepare a qualifying application with very high chances of approval. If you deviate from our advice, submit false documentation, or withhold material facts, we cannot guarantee the outcome.

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