Trump shuts the door on EB-5 Investors

Trump shuts the door on EB-5 Investors

US government Moves To Stop Investment-Based Immigration Program

Minimum investment funds to migrate to US will increase by $1 million Under Trump

Our first editorialized blog for 2017 focuses on newly elected President Donald Trump, and forthcoming changes to the EB-5 US Investment Immigration program.

While we expected a big US immigration shakeup after Trump won (I predicted his victory back in March 2016), we never expected 2017 would mark the end of an era in Investment-Based Immigration programs.  Anyone who thought Mexicans and Muslims were the only targets of the new Administration – be warned: the US anti-immigrant movement has begun to focus on the Mercedes crowd.

EB-5 Program Changes

For over 27 years, the EB-5 Investment Immigration program offered permanent legal status to the United States, based on an investment of $500,000 USD into a designated project (usually municipal infrastructure).   The program allowed tens of thousands of wealthy emigrants enter the USA and become citizens.  It is considered by many to be the “Gold Standard” for high-net-worth families to attain American citizenship.

The Department of Homeland Security announced in January 2017 they intend to radically change the qualification criteria for this program.  The new required investment amount ranges from $1.35 million USD – $1.8 million USD.  These new requirements place the EB-5 program far out of reach from the global middle-class, many of whom were formerly the majority of applicants.

The EB-5 program requires the immigrant’s investment be truly ‘at risk’, i.e.: that the investor share in the potential losses of the project.  In most circumstances, the $1.8 million USD at-risk investment will be beyond the means of families with less than $5 million USD in liquid assets.  In other words, this program is no longer an option for the vast majority of applicants.

Canada As An Alternative

Potential immigrant investors with a net worth in the $500,000 USD – $5 million USD range will find many suitable programs across Canada.  The see a complete list of the Canadian investment immigration programs we offer, including their rules and minimum funds, check out this Canada Investment Immigration Program Comparison Chart.

For those considering establishing large projects, British Columbia and Ontario Entrepreneur Immigration programs offer inviting immigrant nomination programs.

For applicants who aspire to open a smaller enterprise in the $100,000 USD – $300,000 USD range, the Manitoba Investment Program (PNPB), Saskatchewan Investment Program (SINP Entrepreneur), and the Nova Scotia Investment Program are all excellent options.





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