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Investor Visa for Canada

The Canada Investor Visa programs offer an immigration pathway for investors with a net worth ranging from $350,000 CAD -$1.6 million CAD and above.  There are over 10 Canada Immigrant Investor Programs available in 2017.  The required investment amounts range from a modest $150,000 CAD investment for the Manitoba Investor Visa Program and Nova Scotia Investor Visa Program, up to $800,000 CAD for the Ontario Investment Nomination Program.  Net worth requirements range from $350,000 CAD for the Manitoba Investor Program to $1.6 million CAD for the Quebec Immigrant Investor Visa Program.

The Law Office of Vanessa Routley, Canada Investor Visa Lawyer, offers 7 options for investment-based migration in 2017.  The processing times vary, from 12 months to 24 months.  All of our programs offer the Canadian Permanent Residency by Investment, which is a 5 year residence visa.  Participants qualify for Canadian Citizenship and a Canadian Passport after living in Canada for 4 years.

For over 20 years Canada’s Immigrant Investor Programs have been an attractive way for families to become Canadian citizens.  Our firm only accepts clients with a net worth of $500,000 CAD +, and our services are limited to Business Investment Visa services.  We support our clients through all stages of their application, until they achieve Canadian Citizenship by Investment.

We have filled our website with useful information to help you determine if the Canada Investment Visa is right for you.  We welcome inquiries by email, phone, and through our contact form.

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Manitoba looks very promising. The tour of businesses for sale gave me a lot of ideas. The business consultant in Winnipeg was very helpful. Terry’s tour was amazing! I didn’t think I needed a lawyer for immigration, but now I see what goes into it, I’m glad Vanessa’s handling everything.


We did the Franchise Show in Ottawa and then travelled to Toronto and Winnipeg. Vanessa was with us all the way. The tour gave us tons of information about the business environment. My group got back to Cairo on December 3 — I passed my Stage 1 Approval for the Manitoba program on December 23. Thank you!


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